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WPCafe is a simple restaurant Menu, Online Ordering for WooCommerce, Pickup / Delivery and Table Reservation Plugin. It’s a full fledged solution for your restaurant. Be it online or offline restaurant/cafe, you can manage any food ordering business with WPCafe. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

WPCafe is a simple restaurant Menu, Online Ordering for WooCommerce, Pickup / Delivery system to create Elementor Advanced food menu, Restaurant reservation and Table Reservation Plugin. It’s a full fledged solution for your restaurant. Be it online or offline restaurant/cafe, you can manage any food ordering business with WPCafe.

Who Is It For?

  • Restaurant Owners & Managers

  • Online Food Ordering System Providers

  • Online Food Delivery System Providers

  • Cloud Kitchen Owners & Managers

  • Cafe Owners & Managers

By installing WPCafe you’ll be privileged with:

  • 14+ Elementor Widgets

  • 10+ Food Menu Styles in WPCafe Free

  • 33+ Food Menu Styles in WPCafe Pro

  • RTL Support for Form and Calendar

  • Create and Cancel a Reservation from Front-End

  • Customizable Schedules for Early/Late Booking time

  • Add Restaurant Table Reservations

  • Food Menu List Widget

  • Food Menu Tab Widget

  • Detailed Sales Report

  • Analytical Report for ordered Food with Reservation

  • Customizable Minicart

  • Location Wise Food Menu

  • Complete Restaurant System

  • WooCommerce Food Ordering & Food Menu

  • Restaurant Menu for Online Food Ordering

  • Branch Wise Restaurant Bookings

  • Responsive Online Food Menu

  • Special Menu of The Day

  • Multivendors Support

  • Loyalty Program for Restaurant Orders

  • Live Order Notification

  • QR Code for Food Ordering

  • Advanced Search and Filtering

  • Visual Table Reservation

  • Google Maps Food Store Location

  • Google Autocomplete Address

  • Setting Minimum Order Amount

  • Order Bump

  • Discount

  • Product Addons

  • Shortcodes

  • and many other Food Online Premium options.

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WPCafe is a complete Restaurant Solution Plugin to run your online Restaurant Business, Online Food Order, Reservation System, Pickup, Delivery, Food Menu, and more. It has all the features you need to manage your restaurant website and customers. You can keep track of your sales and customers with WPCafe.

With the simple restaurant menu plugin, you can also create online food ordering, food listing, food online premium and other food presentation websites with WPCafe Food Ordering Plugin. It is the most user friendly wordpress booking plugin you can ask for.

WPCafe has the best features to make your restaurant management experience smooth and simple. Create mouth-watering food menu, save time by managing reservation with food order and schedule food pickup or delivery to give your customers a great experience.

Features & Benefits of WPCafe

Plenty of Food Menus

WPCafe offers over 33+ food menus for you to choose from. You can create restaurant main menu, lunch menu, dinner menu, special day menu, special menu of the day, category based advanced food menu, cafe menu, and a lot more great styles for a beautiful Food presentation! In other words, It’s an advanced food menu plugin.

With WPCafe’s multiple food menu styles, you can have an organized food listing for your customers.

Check out the demo for food menu styles from our website.

Read our documentation to know how you can add food menu

Live Order Notificaton & Tipping

By using WPCafe, you will never miss an order. With the live order notification & tipping feature, every time a customer places an order, you will receive a notification message instantly.

You can also receive tips through the plugin. You can set a fixed amount of tip or you can set a customizable amount i.e. the customer will tip you as they please.

To know how to leverage the live order notification & tipping feature you can read our documentation.

You can check out the live order notification demo from the website.

Food Ordering with QR Code

The less your customer’s hassle, the more your restaurant will grow. WIth WPCafe, your customers can order food just by scanning a QR Code.

Say, some customers have come to your place to have lunch. Customers can just scan the QR Code and will be able to access the menu.

When a customer orders the food, he/she will be able to see the table number in his/her invoice. You, as a restaurant owner, can see the orders in the dashboard too.

To know how to use food ordering with QR Code you can check out our documentation on it.

Visual Table Reservation

Your customers can now reserve their preferred table sitting in their home. With this feature, you will be able to upload the layout of your restaurant, including the position of the tables and chairs of your restaurant and your customers can reserve the tables online.

With this Visual Easy Table Reservation system, restaurant booking and managing reservation seat will be a hassle-free experience for your customers and for yourself.

Customers can also include their number and check in & check out time. If you can leverage this feature, you won’t be bound by the traditional methods which might make your customers unhappy and result in your ratings going down.

To get a better glimpse of how the visual table reservation works, go check out our demo page.

To know how to set up the visual table reservation feature. You can use the same option for building takeaway system on your restaurant.

Multivendors Support

Multivendors are a great way to step up your game as a food ordering business owner.

You can now create a multivendor restaurant website with WPCafe as WPCafe now provides addons for Dokan multivendor plugin. By adding this new addon, you can now add multiple sellers on your website and grow your business.

WPCafe now has dokan multivendor support which will allow you to add multiple vendors and multiple variations of menus. Your customers can have easy access to all of them now with just a few clicks.

You can check out our documentation for Multivendors Addon to know how to install, activate, and use WPCafe Multivendor to your needs.

Advanced Search & Filtering Option

In the latest update, WPCafe brings an advanced form of search and filtering option for you. Initially, you will have to select whether you want to use this feature for pickup or delivery. Then you can filter out the search results with categories and price ranges.

Go check out our demo page to see how powerful this advanced search & filtering feature is.

If you want to know how to enable this advanced search & filtering option, give our documentation a read, there you will get a step by step guide.


With the accurate data analyzed by the WPCafe plugin, you can now take the correct move for your restaurant to grow and plan out great marketing strategies that will bring sales to your restaurant.

Google Map Food Store Location

If you run a restaurant that has Location based food menu, using google Maps for showing food store locations will be a huge plus point for you.

You can add the google map coordinates of your store on the website if you use WPCafe. With this feature, your customers can get a better idea of your store location. If you have restaurant ordering business that has multivendors, customers can check location-wise restaurants.

Go check out our demo page to see how the Google Map Food Store Location works

To know more about how you can add food store location in Google Maps, read our documentation and you’ll get the full picture.

Google Auto-complete Address

Now, you can lessen your customer’s checkout time with Google Auto-complete Address feature. When the customers are at the checkout page, they don’t need to write down their whole address in the address field. Google will auto-complete the address on its own.

Little things like these are what make the customers happy and slowly become a regular person in your restaurant.

To know how to set up the Google Auto-complete Address feature, check out our documentation.

Setting Minimum Order Amount

As a restaurant manager/owner, with WPCafe, you have the liberty to set a minimum order amount for your products. This means that customers have to order a certain number of burgers or pizza or any food to be able to proceed to checkout. This helps to generate more sales.

Check out our documentation on how to set a minimum order amount in WPCafe to learn the steps.


With WPCafe you also have the option to add a minicart to build your online ordering system for restaurants. Your customers can add their preferred food into this virtual cart. After choosing their preferred food, customers can then check out food items from the minicart.

Go see our demo page to get a better idea of how this minicart feature works.

To learn how to add minicart to your website using WPCafe, read our documentation.

Order Bump

When your customer is at the checkout page, WPCafe will give a suggestion on the closest best food item the customer can buy if they are willing to pay a little more extra. This is called order bump.

Order bump is one of the most effective techniques to increase sales in today’s ecommerce business scenes.

To know how to implement order bump to your website with WPCafe, read our documentation.


You can add discounts to your preferred products to attract more customers and generate more sales. You can add a discount percentage or standard discount or even select a specific menu to give a special discount on that food menu.

Visit our documentation to know how to add discounts in WPCafe.

Product Addons

You can spice things up for your physical or online food store. You can add addons to your food items in any food menu. You can add addons not only to individual products but also to a whole category of products.

You can add product addons to your multivendor restaurant website too. With this feature you will have more flexibility and so will your customers.

To know how to add product addons in WPCafe or how to add multivendor product addons in WPCafe, give our documentation a read.

Special Menus

Special days require special restaurant menu ordering. Give your customers a reason to make their day special by crafting a special menu with WPCafe. You can even add a special discount on the special menu.

Check out our documentation to know how to add a special menu to your restaurant ordering website using WPCafe.


If you ever feel tired of creating a new food category style/ food menu list/ food menu style and so on, fear not. Because you can do anything on WPCafe with Shortcodes so that you can save your time and get going with your more important tasks.

To know about the shortcodes for WPCafe, read our documentation.


Fluenct CRM

FluentCRM is one of the most well-known self hosted Email Marketing Automation plugins for wordpress. It is your one-stop go-to solution for email marketing and since we here at Themewinter want to give you the perfect solution for your problems, we have integrated FluentCRM with WPCafe.

To get a better idea of How you can integrate FluentCRM with WPCafe, check out our documentation on it.

Zapier Integration

Zapier allows you to automate your workflow. This means that you can connect multiple apps and for each task is finished Zapier will immediately trigger the next app you are planning to work with. This is an extremely efficient way to manage your workflow.

So, in order for OUR customers to have the best time while using our plugin, we have decided to integrate Zapier with WPCafe.

Read our documentation to know how to integrate Zapier and use Zapier with WPCafe.

Pabbly Integration

Pabbly connect can integrate and connect with up to 750+ apps for real time data transfer. You have the option of using Zapier-like actions to set up data collection from your website. As a result, your workflow will be smoother than ever.

Because of these advantages, we have decided to integrate Pabbly Connect with WPCafe.

To know how to integrate Pabbly, give our documentation a read. Everything will be crystal-clear.

Shipday Integration

It is because of the Shipday integration that we were able to provide you with promising features like Google Food Store Location, Google Auto-complete Address, and Minimum Order Amount.

Shipday is an All-in-One delivery system. It will help you to automate the whole picking up and delivery service in a matter of minutes. To know how to integrate shipday with WPCafe, read our documentation.

Twilio SMS Integration

Twilio offers Communication APIs for SMS, Voice, Video & Authentication. You can connect with your customers through any SMS or Calling channels on any platform.

By using Twilio with WPCafe, you can connect with your customers in an effortless manner. The more you can connect with your customer, the more you can generate leads.

To get a clear idea on how to integrate Twilio with WPCafe, do read the docs.

Thermal Printer Integration

You can now connect a thermal printer with your food delivery/restaurant website if you have WPCafe with you. In order to use a thermal printer, you have to install Star CloudPRNT for WooCommerce.

To get a better knowledge on how to integrate thermal printer with WPCafe, go read our documentation.

WooCommerce Clover POS Integration

Don’t be bound by only the physical mode of payments. With WooCommerce Clover POS Integration, your customers will be able to order food from your website and pay the money with their card through this plugin.

To make yours and your customers’ lives easier, we have given you the option to integrate WooCommerce Clover Post with WPCafe.

In order to know how to integrate WooCommerce Clover POS with WPCafe, give our documentation a read.

Loyalty Program Points & Rewards for **Food Order** on Your restaurant

For each purchase a customer makes, he/she is given a point. When the customer has enough points, he/she can redeem those points to do another purchase but this time, points can be used instead of money.

Restaurants adapting loyalty program is a common scenario these days. So you should not be left behind. We have integrated Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin with WPCafe so that you can also give your customer some points as a gesture of gratitude.

To know how to implement loyalty program points & rewards for food ordering in WPCafe, go read our documentation.

What Others Say About WPCafe

I was happy when I found this restaurant plugin. I am using the pro version for my client restaurant’s website at the moment together with the Gutenberg editor.
– Gilles

Just started testing this plugin for a client and works really well. I contacted support for a quick question and they solved it pretty fast. Thanks! Recommended.
– sebastianguerreroa

Thank you so much for this awesome plugin
– ezzeldean

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