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WP Associate Post R2 is a plugin based on Amazon Associates, introducing Rakuten Affiliate and Yahoo Shopping Affiliate for easy installation. It requires WordPress Version 5.8 and PHP Version 7.0. This plugin helps improve blog profitability by allowing easy search and installation of affiliate advertisements, displaying commission rates, counting ad-clicks with Google Analytics, fast display by cache, using Bitly for abbreviated URLs of Amazon advertisements, providing several design templates, acquiring all product images with SSL, and offering a built-in import/export function for configuration files. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

“WP Associate Post R2” is a plugin based on Amazon Associates, with introduces Rakuten Affiliate and Yahoo Shopping Affiliate (ValueCommerce) to easy install.

In order to use “Amazon Product Advertising API”, Amazon Associate access key and secret access key are necessary.

  • Requires WordPress Version 5.8
  • Requires PHP Version 7.0

This Plugin has the following functions to help improve the profitability of blog

  • Search and install affiliate advertisements easily.
  • Display Commission Rate.
  • Count Ad-clicks with Google Analytics.
  • Fast display by cache.
  • Abbreviated URL of advertisement using Bitly (Amazon only).
  • Includes several design templates.
  • All product images are acquired with SSL.
  • Built-in import / export function to configuration file.
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