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Wiremo is a customer review platform for WordPress websites and other platforms. This AI-powered plugin collects and showcases customer reviews, boosting social proof, sales, and SEO. It offers features such as review requests, pop-up triggers, conversation triggers, reply to reviewers, carousel designs, import reviews, SEO optimization, verified buyers, login with social media account, social review sharing, and is mobile-friendly. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

What is Wiremo?

Wiremo is a customer review platform for WordPress websites and other platforms. Powered by AI, Wiremo collects and showcases customer reviews alongside gorgeous photos in a dynamic, front-page-worthy reviews carousel.
Compatible with WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify, Wiremo boosts social proof, sales and SEO through the power of user-generated content (UGC). Wiremo uses AI to analyze review sentiment and only display positive reviews that build your brand.

The platform is easy to set up and use for both eCommerce store owners and customers. Wiremo’s auto-reply feature starts support conversations with users in more than 15 languages and asks follow-up questions directly on your landing page.
To encourage engagement, Wiremo can automatically ask for customer feedback via email and display the new reviews on your website.


Review request – With Wiremo you can set up a campaign and send emails with review request to your customers.

Pop-up trigger – once your customer leaves a review show a nice pop-up with the massage you want:
* Give a promocode to up-sell your products.
* Simply say “Thank you!” in the way you like.
* Redirect your customers to other products page by placing custom buttons in your pop-up form.

Conversation trigger – once your customer leaves a negative review send a conversation email to your customer by asking what you are doing wrong. At the same time you can use this feature for all ratings with in-email coupons to increase your sales.

Reply to reviewers – respond to your reviewers in public to show you care every customer.

Conversation feature – open a private conversion in Wiremo dashboard to solve an issue, to say thank you or to share a coupon.

Carousel – show your reviews in the way you like. Use one of our 12 carousel designs, customize and adjust every element in the review carousel.

Import reviews – import your existing your reviews in one-click, import reviews from other platforms via CSV file, import reviews manually via Wiremo dashboard.

SEO – add rich snippets ( JSON-LD ) to your product page, to show stars in Google search results. This will highlight your products and will increase your click rate.

Verified buyers – add special icon to show that the reviews was written by real buyer.

Login with social media account – use this feature to provide your customers the possibility to login to Wiremo widget by using their social account from Facebook, Google or Twitter.

Social review sharing – share your reviews to social media pages directly from the widget or ask your customer to share their own reviews.


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