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Vimeo WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily import, manage, and embed Vimeo videos on your WordPress site. Supports responsive design, multiple video embeds on the same page, compatibility with the WordPress Block Editor, and a latest videos widget. Pro version offers additional features like automatic bulk import and compatibility with video themes. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Vimeo WordPress Plugin

Looking for a powerful and easy-to-use solution to embed Vimeo videos on your WordPress site? Look no further than Vimeotheque – the ultimate plugin for managing Vimeo videos on WordPress.

With Vimeotheque, you can easily import videos from Vimeo into your WordPress site as custom post types. The plugin supports the latest Vimeo HTML5 video player, making it easy to embed responsive videos that look great on any device.

Whether you want to embed a single video or a playlist of videos, Vimeotheque has you covered. The plugin is optimized to display multiple videos on the same page, and allows only one video to play at a time to prevent conflicts.

Vimeotheque is also fully compatible with the WordPress Block Editor and comes with three blocks that allow you to quickly insert and edit your videos. You can even use the plugin’s widget to display your latest videos in your site’s sidebar.

With the Pro version of Vimeotheque, you get even more features, including automatic bulk import, support for private videos, and compatibility with video themes. Plus, you’ll receive priority support to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Vimeotheque Video Importers

Vimeotheque provides multiple options to import Vimeo videos into WordPress. You can use a Vimeo video URL, search for videos, or import entire channels, categories, showcases, groups, portfolios, or user uploads and then select the videos you want to add.

However, it’s important to note that before you can start importing videos, you must create a Vimeo App and enter the credentials into the Vimeotheque Settings page.


  • Responsive design: All Vimeo video embeds managed by Vimeotheque are fully responsive and will fit any screen size, ensuring that your videos look great on any device.
  • Vimeo HTML5 video player support: Vimeotheque uses the latest Vimeo player embed and follows the Vimeo embed recommendations, providing an optimized viewing experience for your visitors.
  • Multiple video embeds on the same page: Optimized to display multiple videos into the same page (i.e. on post archive pages), Vimeotheque will allow only one video to play at a time, preventing conflicts between videos.
  • Compatible with the WordPress Block Editor: Vimeotheque features 3 blocks that allow you to quickly insert and edit them, making it easy to add videos to your posts and pages.
  • Latest videos widget: The widget allows you to show video lists or playlists in your sidebars, giving your visitors quick access to your latest video content.
  • Single video shortcode: Vimeotheque also keeps compatibility with the Classic editor, providing a shortcode that allows you to embed a single video anywhere on your site.
  • Import as custom post: Video posts created by Vimeotheque have post type vimeo-video to allow themes to customize the display of video posts, providing maximum flexibility in how you display your videos.
  • Full video import: Vimeotheque will create complete WordPress posts from the Vimeo videos, including title, description, thumbnail, and video. This feature makes it easy to import large amounts of video content into your site.
  • Single video import: An intuitive importer that requires only the video URL from Vimeo, allowing you to quickly import individual videos into your site.
  • Manual bulk import: The bulk video importer allows you to import multiple videos from channels, showcases, groups, user uploads, Vimeo searches, or portfolios. This feature saves time and makes it easy to import large amounts of video content.
  • Playlist themes: Vimeotheque can embed video playlists containing imported videos into other WordPress posts by using custom playlist themes, providing an easy way to showcase your video content.

PRO Version Features

  • Automatic bulk import: The importer will import entire channels, showcases, groups, folders, user uploads, or portfolios automatically, without any intervention, making it easy to keep your site up-to-date with your latest video content.
  • Import private Vimeo videos: Videos with view privacy setup set to private can be queried and imported into WordPress, giving you more flexibility in managing your video content.
  • WordPress Theme support: For video themes, Vimeotheque PRO can import videos and create posts that have all custom fields required by the theme filled automatically, ensuring that your video content looks great on your site.
  • Import videos as regular post type: Vimeotheque PRO can import videos as a regular post type instead of the custom post type implemented by the plugin, providing maximum compatibility with your site’s existing structure.
  • Priority support: With the PRO version, you’ll receive priority support to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Plugin was tested with latest WordPress version and all default WordPress themes in all major browsers and also mobile devices.
If anything is wrong on your installation, please submit a support request and tell us the theme you’re using, WordPress version and browser/device used for testing.

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