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List your comments as opinions or views on two separate sides of the page. Twosides is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display comments in a pro/con style, with one type of comment on the left side of the page and the other on the right. Customize the background colors and opener buttons for the comments, and use the buttons to open the positive or negative comments. The plugin also allows you to rename the comments and change the wording in the comments count counter and buttons. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

List your comments as opinions or views on two separate sides of the page. Twosides is exactly that: a plugin that list your opinions or views on two separate sides of the page according to the positive or negative ideology of the comment.
The basic premise is for a blog to contain a subject matter in a single post which, can instill a wave of comments that are split into two groups as responses to the single post. Pro/Con, Conservative/Progressive, Beatles/Rolling Stones, Mom/Dad, Product opinions, Positive/Negative Reviews…. endless possibilities.
Demo at http://twosides.tswdev.com


  • Pro / Con styled comments
  • One type goes to the left of page and the other to the right
  • Set background colors for comments and opener buttons
  • One button opens positive comments and the other opens negative
  • You can name comments anything you want in admin panel. (pro/con, upside/downside, etc.)
  • Change wording in comments count counter and buttons.

Update Notice

1.1.0 is a major update. If you have made any custom files or functions to the older versions you may have installed, please save them prior to updating to 1.1.0.
Also some file names have been changed. those files that got major additions will have the naming of twosides-debate-name of file; where the “debate” was added to existing file names.

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