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Survey, Poll, and Quiz by Total Survey WordPress Survey Plugin. Effortlessly create surveys, polls, quizzes and tests with Total Survey. Highly customizable and optimized for touch and responsive design. Get deep insights into survey results with rich analytics dashboard. Unlimited surveys, entries, content & field blocks. Customizable design with colors, elements size, spacing, roundness, and custom CSS. Integration with shortcode, HTTP REST API, Survey & entry permalink, PHP Code, and Popup. Workflows with conditional logic, email notifications, URL redirection, and execution of WebHook and WordPress hook. Insights & reports with export, filter, publish, interactive charts, and recurring reports. Scoring logic, customizable grades, points auto calculation, and display of grades and scores within entries list. Filter entries based on score. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

TotalSurvey: Powerful WordPress Survey Plugin to Engage Users and Analyze Insights

Easily engage users and gain insights with Total Survey, the leading WordPress survey plugin. Developed by, a trusted provider of secure and maintained WordPress plugins, TotalSurvey guarantees a reliable and optimized experience for both you and your website visitors. Create surveys, polls, quizzes, and tests effortlessly with our intuitive editor. Customize surveys to match your brand and audience, using features like restrictions and flexible viewing options.

Enjoy a seamless user experience on any device, thanks to our responsive design. Choose from a variety of customizable skins to align surveys with your brand.

Unlock deep insights using TotalSurvey’s analytics dashboard. Access rich data to make informed decisions. Export results in various formats or analyze key metrics.

Optimize post-purchase surveys and elevate your WordPress website with TotalSurvey. Boost user engagement, gather valuable feedback, and make data-driven decisions for your business.

Visit TotalSurvey official website for a complete overview and detailed information.


This survey plugin allows you to create surveys in WordPress and includes the following features:

Unlimited Surveys, Entries, and Content Blocks: Unlimited Surveys, Entries, and Content Blocks.

  • Unlimited Surveys: Create an unlimited number of surveys effortlessly.
  • Unlimited Entries: Collect an unlimited amount of entries for each survey.
  • Unlimited Content & Fields Blocks: Customize your surveys with unlimited content and field blocks.

Efficient Survey Management: Duplicate, Reset, Import, and Export with Ease

  • Duplicate Survey: Easily replicate existing surveys for quick setup.
  • Reset Survey: Start fresh by resetting survey data to its original state.
  • Import Survey: Seamlessly import surveys from external sources.
  • Export Survey: Share and distribute surveys by exporting them in various formats.
  • Presets: Utilize pre-designed survey templates for faster survey creation.

Seamless Entry Handling: Intuitive Browsing, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Exporting Made Simple

  • Intuitive Browser: Navigate through entries effortlessly with a user-friendly browser.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Save time by using keyboard shortcuts to browse entries swiftly.
  • Filter Entries: Find specific entries quickly using advanced filtering options.
  • Export Entries: Generate reports and export entry data for further analysis.
  • Delete Entry: Easily remove unwanted entries from the database.
  • Print Entry: Print entries directly from the survey platform.
  • View Entry: Access and review individual entries at any time.
  • Reset Entries: Reset all entry data to start anew.

Customizable Survey Experience: Personalized Messages, Authentication, and Advanced Controls

  • Custom Welcome & Thank You Message: Personalize survey greetings and appreciation messages.
  • Require Authentication: Secure surveys by mandating user authentication.
  • Entry Limits: Control the number of entries per user session, IP address, and user account.
  • Survey Date Control: Set start and end dates to manage survey availability.
  • Redirect Survey-Takers: Direct participants to specific URLs after completing surveys.
  • Entry Access & Printing: Allow survey-takers to view and print their own entries.
  • Skip Logic: Implement jump logic based on participants’ previous answers.
  • Duplicate Survey Sections: Easily duplicate sections within a survey.
  • Reorder Survey Sections: Arrange survey sections in a preferred order.
  • Content Blocks: Customize survey layout with versatile content blocks, including titles, images, spacers, embeds, and HTML.
  • Fields Blocks: Choose from a wide range of field blocks, such as text, multiple-choice, scales, dropdowns, text areas, numbers, dates, Likert scales, files, ratings, and image choices.

Visually Stunning Surveys: Color Controls, Element Size, Spacing, and Roundness Customization

  • Color Controls: Customize survey elements’ colors to match your brand.
  • Element Size Controls: Adjust the size of survey elements for a visually appealing layout.
  • Spacing Controls: Manage spacing between elements for a balanced design.
  • Roundness Controls: Define the level of roundness for survey elements.
  • Custom CSS: Further personalize your survey design using custom CSS.

Seamless Integration Options: Shortcodes, REST API, Permalinks, PHP Code, and Engaging Popups

  • Shortcode: Embed surveys seamlessly into your WordPress website using shortcodes.
  • HTTP REST API: Integrate survey functionality into external applications using the REST API.
  • Permalinks: Share surveys and individual entry links with ease.
  • PHP Code: Execute custom PHP code to enhance survey functionality.
  • Popup (Modal): Display surveys as pop-ups with customizable appearance, including page targeting, prompt position, and close behavior.

Dynamic Workflow Creation: Conditional Logic, Email Notifications, Redirection, and Powerful Hooks

  • Conditional Logic: Create dynamic survey experiences by applying conditional rules.
  • Email Notifications: Send automated emails to survey-takers based on specific conditions.
  • Redirect URLs: Direct survey-takers to specific URLs based on predefined conditions.
  • WebHook Execution: Trigger external actions by executing WebHooks.
  • WordPress Hook Execution: Integrate with WordPress hooks to extend functionality.

Actionable Insights and Reporting: Section Analysis, Exporting, Filtering, and Interactive Charts

  • Section Insights: Gain valuable insights into survey results per section.
  • Export Insights: Export survey insights for further analysis and reporting.
  • Filter Insights: Easily filter and sort insights to focus on specific data subsets.
  • Publish Insights: Share and showcase survey insights with interactive charts.
  • Recurring Reports: Schedule and customize recurring reports (daily, weekly, monthly) to receive valuable survey data automatically.
  • Instant Report Generation: Generate reports instantly and conveniently send them via email.

Comprehensive Scoring and Grading: Logical Assessment, Customizable Labels, Auto Calculation, and Rich Messages

  • Scoring Logic: Assign scores to sections and individual questions for comprehensive evaluation.
  • Customizable Grades: Personalize grades with custom labels, colors, ranges, and content.
  • Automatic Calculation: Let the system calculate points automatically for accurate scoring.
  • Rich Grade Messages: Craft visually appealing grade messages using the blocks-based editor.
  • Entry Overview: Display grades and scores within the entries list for easy reference.
  • Score-Based Filtering: Filter entries based on their scores for targeted analysis.

Global Reach and Multilingual Support: Built-in Translation Editor, Text Filtering, RTL Compatibility

  • Built-in Translation Editor: Effortlessly offer surveys in multiple languages with the intuitive translation editor.
  • Text Filtering: Easily manage and translate survey texts at the section and block levels.
  • RTL Support: Ensure a seamless experience for right-to-left language speakers.
  • Multilingual Availability: Total Survey is available in English, Arabic, and French, with regular language file updates.
  • User Language Tracking: Capture and store the user’s preferred language within entry information.

Enhanced Privacy and Customization: Privacy Features, Interface Personalization, and More Control

  • Privacy Enhancement: Protect user privacy with options to hash IP addresses and user agents, as well as honor Do-Not-Track requests.
  • Interface Customization: Customize interface texts, including buttons and validation messages, to align with your branding and tone.

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  • Customer Satisfaction Survey – Gather feedback to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Market Research Survey – Gain insights on consumer preferences and trends.
  • Website Feedback Survey – Improve website design and user experience through valuable feedback.
  • Event Feedback Survey – Assess event success and gather suggestions for improvement.
  • Product/Service Evaluation Survey – Evaluate customer experiences and enhance offerings.
  • Employee Feedback Survey – Gather valuable insights from employees to improve workplace satisfaction and culture.
  • User Behavior Survey – Understand user preferences and behavior to optimize website performance and enhance user experience.

TotalSurvey provides greatcustomer support. Feel free to reach out to us at any time for assistance or inquiries. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are here to help.


Explore our Enhanced Demo, Unveiling the Versatility of TotalSurvey, the Ultimate Survey Plugin and Quiz Solution. Discover a Range of Tailored Survey Types and Functionalities to Suit Your Needs:

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