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TootPress is a WordPress plugin that copies your toots from Mastodon to WordPress, allowing you to display them chronologically on your blog and share your timeline with others. It also gives you ownership over your own data. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

TootPress copies your toots from Mastodon to WordPress continuously. The toots can be displayed chronologically in the blog, making your timeline accessible to other people outside of Mastodon. In addition, you regain ownership of your own data back.


  • Copy your toots back
  • Copy your tooted images back
  • Display your toots on the blog
  • Retrieve your complete timeline
  • Languague: English, German (only FrontEnd)

Live Demo


Setup Manual

  1. Install the Plugin in WordPress
  2. Create an Application on your Mastodon Instance to get API Access (under Settings/Development)
  3. Restrict the Authorization of the created Application to Read (all data)
  4. Maintain Mastodon Instance and Access Token in the TootPress Settings
  5. Retrieve your Account ID (in WordPress under Tools/Toots)
  6. Maintain the Account ID in the TootPress Settings
  7. Create a new WordPress Page and add the Page to your Menu
  8. Maintain the Page ID in the TootPress Settings (you find the Page ID in URL of the Browser when editing the Page in WordPress)
  9. Run Mastodon API Request once (in WordPress under Tools/Toots)
  10. Activate Steady Fetch
  11. That’s it!

Instructions for Use

  • You find TootPress in WordPress in the area of Settings and Tools
  • Steady Fetch activates the automatic and regular load of new toots
  • First API Request will copy your last 40 toots
  • New toots will be loaded every 15 minutes (customizable)
  • You can load your complete timeline into WordPress with the eponymous function
  • Loading your complete timeline can take several hours depending of the amount of toots
  • 480 toots are loaded per hour as maximum
  • You can run a Mastodon API Request everytime at your own with the eponymous function
  • There is no prescribed order for the execution of Steady Fetch, Complete Timeline or manual requests
  • If problems occur, TootPress provides a Healthy Check

Further Information

Supported Toot Objects

Following toot objects are supported.

  • Text
  • Images
  • URLs
  • Hashtags
  • Mentions

Not supported Toot Objects

Following toot objects are not supported.

  • Galleries
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Poll
  • Emojis
  • Teaser

Excluded Toot Types

Following toot types are excluded from the data transfer.

  • Boosts
  • Replys
  • Private Toots


Data storage and process logic is separated from the WordPress Framework. The toots are not saved in the table wp_posts. And TootPress is not registering a custom post type for the toots as well.

CSS classes

TootPress comes with basic CSS Styles. For best fit it is required to add additional styles in your theme. All TootPress UI elements can be addressed with individual CSS selectors. Please use the browser development tools to find the right classes.

Data & Files

TootPress creates 2 folders within the WordPress Uploads Directory.

  • tootpress-mastodonapidata = Archive of the received Mastodon API data
  • tootpress-images = Toot Image Folder


  • Steady Fetch (every 15 minutes, customizable)
  • Load Complete Timeline (every 5 minutes)

TootPress API

WordPress Action: tootpress_toots_update (fired on toot update)

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