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Power your site with this WordPress-integrated map making & location management system possessing some of the best free mapping tools to create Google Maps-based store locators on your website. Manage and display a few or thousands of your important stores, points of interest, or product locations anywhere on Earth using Google Maps. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Power your site with this WordPress-integrated map making & location management system possessing some of the best free mapping tools to create Google Maps-based store locators on your website. Manage and display a few or thousands of your important stores, points of interest, or product locations anywhere on Earth using Google Maps.

Its strength is best seen in its flexibility to allow you to easily manage any number of locations from your WordPress admin interface and the several addons featuring top-level features that are available to further boost its capabilities. Also referred to as an address map, address location map, locator map, store finder, dealer locator (locater), shop finder, and zip code or zipcode search.

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New in Version 4

  • Biggest update yet: Google Maps-feature & functionality focused, while still remembering its store locator origins
  • PHP 7-compatible, while still remaining compatible all the way down to PHP 5.3+
  • All premium addons are now official WordPress plugins — install, update, and use just like the base plugin w/ no hassle via WP Admin or via FTP
  • More flexible premium licensing management & freedom of moving keys from site to site
  • New highly requested functionality now available, such as custom ordering of locations, custom starting location, custom zoom, MVC objects (layers, fusion tables, etc), map styling, and much more
  • New: Developer Console addon — create your own addons. It’s an API inspection and browsing tool for Addons Platform Lite. It allows one to see most hooks, where they visually occur in Store Locator’s interface (both in the admin area and frontend map interface), the addon functions that are currently using each hook, and the visual / HTML output of each addon functions (if there is any)
  • New: Power Options addon — enhances the capabilities of your Store Locator map interface and the search results to present almost any feature you can think of, including scrollwheel zoom, draggable map, search by name, limit name search by radius, search by country, ordering when auto-loading locations & showing search results, setting a starting search location, forcing zoom level, animating map icons, stylized maps, custom info windows, mvc object layers (bike paths, circles, kml, fusion table data, polygons, polylines, rectangles, traffic, transit), and css search buttons
  • WPML v3.2 & Polylang Integrations for dynamic string translating of LotsOfLocales Google Maps interface
  • Have original CSV Importer? Now deactivate and activate it on new sites, as long as Addons Platform Lite is installed and activated on that same site

New in Version 3

  • New: Super Geocoder addon — Avoid upgrading to more expensive hosting, or buying dedicated IP addresses — successfully geocodes even when the default geocoder runs in Google’s geocoding quotas (requires Store Locator v3.0+)
  • Now, in addition to using the shortcode [STORE-LOCATOR] on Pages & Posts, display on Store Locator in PHP page templates if needed (explained in changelog & docs).
  • Several new icons with shadowing; several current icons refreshed with shadowing for 3D effect on map

New in Version 2

  • Now uses Google Maps V3
  • Streamlined admin interface (more powerful yet much simplier)
  • Implemented much faster code (reduced database use {insert/update/delete} in code by 81.4% & applied fastest functions throughout)
  • Admin Dashboard: Pull-out interface that provides you with the latest Store Locator news, installation & usage instructions, your website’s hosting server information, available shortcode parameters to create multiple maps of specific groups of locations, general settings, and the activation interface for the Addons Platform & G1 (Generation 1) addons
  • Availability of the Addons Platform:
  • Ability to auto-locate your website visitors in order to show locations based on where visitor is currently located
  • 40+ new Google Maps country domains
  • New address map icons
  • New default fields: Fax & Email Address

Target Users

  • Those who create sites for clients using WordPress
  • Those who want to show your important locations (stores, buildings, points of interest, etc.) in an easily searchable manner.

Great Built-In Functionality & Features

  • You can use it for numerous countries, which will continue to be added as Google adds new countries to their Google Maps API. See the documentation for the latest
  • Supports international languages/translations and character sets
  • Allows you to use unique map icons or your own custom map icons — great for branding your map
  • Gives your map the desired look by using our MapDesigner settings interface in the WordPress admin section
  • Pick other cool Google Maps options, such as an inset box, zoom level, map types (street, satellite, hybrid, physical), and more
  • You can use miles or kilometers
  • Automatically restricts loading of Javascript & CSS to only pages that display the map (or that might need access to the JS & CSS) for better site performance
  • Option to show dropdown list of cities allows visitors to quickly see where your locations are and choose their search accordingly


If you need additional features, enhance your store locator with addons & themes. Upgrade Here

Addons Platform

The Addons Platform provides you with a growing number of Generation 2 (G2; comes with the Addons Platform) addons & themes to save you time, provide you highly-advanced features, and impress your clients. Below is a list of the G2 addons available (view documentation for more details on each):

All addons available previous to Store Locator 2.0 are now called “G1” (Generation 1) addons, and can still be used, with or without the Addons Platform installed (if you purchased an addon prior to Store Locator 2.0, re-download it via the emailed link of your purchase and install a slighty updated version that allows it to work with 2.0).

Special Thanks to Translators (Email new translations to info {at} viadat {dot} com)

  • de_DE | German (Deutsche) – Simon Schmid
  • it_IT | Italian (Italiano) – Simon Schmid
  • cs_CZ | Czech (Čeština) – Simon Schmid; Josef Klimosz (updated)
  • fr_FR | French (Français) – Simon Schmid; Reno (updated)
  • es_MX | Mexican Spanish (Español) – Gwyn Fisher
  • nl_NL | Dutch (Nederlands) – Willem-Jan Korsten
  • pt_BR | Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil) – Marcelo V. Araujo
  • nb_NO | Norwegian (Norsk bokmål) – Alf Vidar Snæland
  • zh_CN | Simplified Chinese (简体中文) – Laifeilim
  • ru_RU | Russian (Русский) – Виктор Юхименко
  • tr_TR | Turkish (Türkçe) – Rene
  • hi_IN | Hindi (हमानक हिन्दी) – Outshine Solutions
  • sr_RS | Serbian (Српски језик) – Diana S.
  • fi | Finnish (Suomi) – Esa Immonen
  • ro_RO | Romanian (Română) – Quickloop
  • es_ES | Spanish (Español) – Andrew Kurtis – WebHostingHub
  • zh_TW | Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) – Ronnie Wu
  • uk | Ukrainian (Українська) – Ivanka Skakun from Everycloud
  • fa_IR | Farsi (فارسی) – S Irannezhad

(How to submit your translation | If you provide your web address, we’ll link back to you)

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