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Maximize Your Earnings by the Combined Order Bulk Discount *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Maximize Your Earnings by the Combined Order Bulk Discount

In QPMN, you can decide how much to pay us, by getting a bulk discount from grouping multiple small quantity orders, from different customers with different designs on different dates, into one combined order. The larger quantity, the better rate.
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Who we are

QP Market Network (QPMN) is backed by Q P Group, a publicly listed company which has more than 35 years’ experience as a leading printing company with special focus on drop shipping and Next-generation Print-On-Demand (POD) services.

Nowadays people love to make their stuff more personal, QPMN realizes this shortcoming of the plugins on the market. Hence, we built an all-in-one POD system and personalization platform.

QPMN provides the next generation plugin for you and your customers. You will be enjoying the most advanced system which removes all the limitations of personalization on e-commerce platforms, enabling the end users to have an infinite number of creations!

How Does QPMN Work?

When a customer buys something from your WooCommerce store, the order goes to QPMN plugin on your WordPress dashboard. You could accumulate orders (even from different customers, different designs, different dates) to reach your desired quantity (to get a bulk discount) for any SKUs, then sent to QPMN, where you will check out with the discounted prices. We will then fulfill and ship it to your customers.

You can now download the plugin for the products that you’re interested in with designs from creative people all around the world – as many designs as you like! Once you have QPMN plugin installed, your customers can freely personalize (try it out with one of our Custom Jigsaw Puzzle canvas) the products on your online stores!

We strive for facilitating the fulfillment process smoothly and enhance customer experience. With our plugin, you as an e-shop owner are giving more space for personalization for your customers. Tailor-made process is fun and amazing! It keeps customers’ shopping impulse rising!


Bulk discount: Same product (sku) orders from different customers with different designs can also enjoy our bulk price discount

Your design templates: You can easily apply your design to our products and sell them to your customers.

Product customization: your customers can customize the product themselves at your e-shop

Print-on-demand service: You do not need a warehouse to store your product. And we will directly deliver to your client and finish all the fulfilment. And you

Control over your profit: No hidden fee. We only charge you the product cost and shipping cost. The rest is your profit.

Support: Get in touch with us through Facebook direct message or email

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