PZ Frontend Manager

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PZ Frontend Manager is a free WordPress plugin that enables clients to manage users and posts without accessing the admin. Reduce errors and confusion by limiting access to unnecessary pages. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

PZ Frontend Manager is a free plugin that allows your clients to manage their users and posts without accessing the WordPress admin. That way, you can reduce the possibility of the error caused by accidental clicks and also reduce the confusion on your client’s end to not access pages that are not necessary to their needs or capabilities.

Key features:

  • User login and registration – Allow your visitors or site users to create their accounts by enabling your user registration in your Frontend Manager Settings. Verify their emails by enabling the account activation which will be sent to the email they have registered with.
  • User Profile – Allow your users to customize their profiles. You can add more user information fields on their profile page to fill in. It also has a password field to allow your users to change their passwords anytime they want.
  • Post Management – Add or manage your posts through the Frontend Manager with the same functionality as the wp-admin. Add your content and featured images and categorize your posts based on your preference. You can also create your categories and tags.
  • User Management – Add or manage your user’s data including their passwords. You can add/update/remove fields based on your desired information from your users.
  • User role capability – Control what can be accessed by the users based on their user role.
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