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Collect donations for different projects with a WooCommerce product *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Collect donations for different projects with a WooCommerce product.

If you are like me, you work on several projects and would like to simply collect donations for them, without bothering creating and configuring a product for each project.

This plugin is mostly intended to be easy to set up. It is mostly usefull if you want to get donations and need or already use WooCommerce platform.


  • any product as Project Donation
  • define project post type (existing or register a new one)
  • assign project to specific products
  • add project field in add to cart block
    • with free type project name (if no defined project post type)
    • or drop down selection list of projects
  • replace price with a flexible Amount field in add to cart block
  • compatible with subscriptions, variable products, and probably any other WooCommerce product type
  • compatible with WooCommerce Name Your Price (although main features are included in Project Donations)
  • localization ready
  • add goals and counterparts to project post edit package
    • display goal progress in add to cart block
    • [goals] and [achievements] shortcodes can be included anywhere


  • global or per-product settings
  • add donation field to cart or checkout page
  • permalink like /donate/projectname/amount
  • customize notification mails
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