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Control various aspects of your LearnDash site without code using the PowerPack for LearnDash plugin. Includes 42 modules for custom content, course access, unlimited quiz attempts, auto complete lessons, and more. Choose from categories like Administration, Design and Customisation, E-commerce, Performance, Seo, Social, Utility, Security. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

PowerPack for LearnDash plugin allows you to control various aspects of your LearnDash site without code! Powering up your LearnDash website. Included are 42 modules which are:

  • Custom content to the single course template output.
  • All access to previously completed course
  • Unlimited quiz attempts
  • Auto complete course lessons and topics
  • Bypass WooCommerce background enrolment so save cron hassle!
  • Certificate shortcode link to open in a new window
  • Focus mode reply title in comments
  • Change the text of the Stripe/credit card purchase button text
  • Change the price type for all courses (enabling this sets the access type to
  • Change the price type for only open courses
  • Welcome message in focus mode change to using the first name rather than the
  • Changing the “complete” button border radius property
  • Set course grid custom button text
  • Change LearnDash course points to 2 decimal places
  • Disable Course Progression
  • Disable the Gutenberg/WordPress block editor for all of the LearnDash custom
  • Disable video auto-start on mobile devices
  • Display a custom message when the ld_course_list shortcode returns no result
  • Display course content below prerequisite message
  • Allow comments on quiz post type
  • Enable course steps in the WordPress menu
  • Expand all the lesson sections in Focus Mode
  • Disable comments on LearnDash assignments
  • Force HTML formatting on Quiz emails
  • Force page reload when Restart Quiz button is clicked
  • Comment options for assignments and essays
  • Hide course points from the user profile
  • Hide the open access setting from the course access settings
  • Change the outgoing email address of ProPanel emails
  • Stop using the_content filter to display LearnDash content
  • Quiz continue button
  • Redirect the student to a lesson or quiz when they complete the last lesson
  • Remove all elements from the WordPress profile
  • Remove price section from LearnDash course info bar
  • Restrict access to certificates
  • Only allow logged in users to access LearnDash sample lessons
  • Change sample lesson label
  • Show course progression next step link for all users
  • Show progression next step link for admin users
  • Show user course complete option for admin and group leaders
  • Change the take this course button label for closed courses
  • Unenroll the user from all common groups when the course access is expired.
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