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TNC PDF viewer provides an excellent solution for showcasing PDF files on your website. Embed the PDF viewer directly into web pages or create a link for a seamless and user-friendly experience. With customizable features, responsive design, and easy navigation, enhance the overall user experience. Choose from a variety of themes and enjoy password protection, scrolling options, search functionality, and more. Compatible with popular page builders and supported by major browsers, TNC PDF viewer is a must-have WordPress plugin for PDF display. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

TNC PDF viewer provides an excellent solution for showcasing PDF files on your website. Whether you need to embed a PDF viewer directly into your web pages or create a link to open the PDF viewer, this plugin offers a seamless and user-friendly experience.

This plugin allows you to display PDF files on your website with a nice, clean, modern & feature-rich PDF Viewer. It comes with 2 different Themes Midnight Calm and Aqua White.

With TNC PDF viewer, you have the flexibility to embed the PDF viewer directly within your posts or pages. This means that your visitors can view the PDF content without having to download the file or leave your website.

Furthermore, the plugin enables you to create links to the PDF viewer with custom text. This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate the viewer within your content, enhancing the overall user experience. You can place these links strategically within your articles, blog posts, or even on your website’s navigation menus, providing easy access to your PDF files.

Official Hashtags #ThemeNcodePDFViewer / #TNcPDFViewer


  • Fully Responsive PDF Viewer.
  • No Limitation of pdf size
  • Password-protected PDFs
  • 3 types of Scrolling. Vertical, horizontal, and wrapped scrolling.
  • Easily embed the PDF viewer directly within your posts or pages
  • Create links to the PDF viewer with custom text
  • Lots of toolbar items
  • The viewer allows users to zoom in and out of the PDF files
  • 2 Different color Themes (Midnight Calm, Aqua White)
  • 3 different page modes
  • Users can search for specific text within the PDF documents
  • Gutenberg block to generate shortcodes.
  • Option to generate classic editor shortcodes.
  • Users can easily navigate through the pages
  • Non-technical users can easily use the TNC PDF viewer
  • Addons available for Elementor & WPBakery, Divi, and Avada Page Builders.
  • Very Easy to use
  • Cross Browser & OS supported
  • Works on most modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, Chromium-based Edge and others.
  • Share the link on social media or by email
  • Brand with your own logo & favicon
  • Fast & smooth user experience
  • Won’t affect your Site’s SEO if you use the plugin on an old site.
  • Feature Rich Admin Panel & Shortcodes
  • Toolbar texts available in 100+ languages
  • Using the power of pdf.js

Premium Features

  • Interactive FlipBook Mode
  • Flip Sound Effect
  • Unlimited number of PDF viewers and FlipBooks
  • Automatically open all .pdf links with PDF Viewer/Flipbook
  • Every toolbar element can be enabled or disabled
  • 4 different toolbar positions
  • 3 different icon sizes
  • Add Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • Add custom CSS & Javascript code in Viewer Page
  • Many Additional Color Themes (New themes Being added regularly)
  • Customizable with your own color choice.
  • Option to use global settings while creating individual viewers. Saves a lot of time!
  • Disable Right click on Viewer/Flipbook
  • Disable Copying on Viewer/Flipbook
  • Hide download option

Upgrade to Premium

Looking for Cloud Hosted Solution?

Check out PDFFlipBook.com which allows you to host your PDF’s on the cloud and embed or link from WordPress or any other kind of websites.

Shopify Users?

Check out our TNC PDF FlipBook Shopify App

Extend with Addons

1. Display Addon (Available on ThemeNcode)

Display PDF Viewers in shelf style on any page or post. Have the viewer open in a PopUp or tab. It also includes a list and grid style display!

Get Display Addon

2. Preview Addon (Available on ThemeNcode)

Provide a quick look to your users before they purchase your pdf or subscription. This addon allows you to create partial previews & control access based on user, user role, login status, woocommerce or pmpro!

Get Preview Addon

3. Addon for Elementor Page Builder (Available on CodeCanyon)

Using Elementor Builder? Get this addon to insert & manage PDF Viewers anywhere right from your elementor builder area.

Get Elementor Addon

4. Addon for Divi Page builder (Available on ThemeNcode)

Using Divi Builder? Get this addon to insert & manage PDF Viewers anywhere right from your Divi builder area.

Get Divi Addon

5. Addon for Avada Page builder (Available on CodeCanyon)

Using Avada Builder? Get this addon to insert & manage PDF Viewers anywhere right from your Avada builder area.

Get Avada Addon

6. Addon for WPBakery Page Builder (Available on CodeCanyon)

Using WPBakery Page Builder? Get this addon to insert & manage PDF Viewers anywhere right from your WPBakery builder area.

Get WPBakery Addon

7. Navigative Addon (Available on CodeCanyon)

Want to display multiple PDF files on the same Viewer on a page? Navigative does this for you!

Get Navigative Addon

Check out other plugins by ThemeNcode

1. WP File Access Manager

Control who can access each of the files uploaded to your Media Library. WP File Access Manager Does just this for you, allowing you to have better control of what you share. Fully integrated with TNC PDF viewer

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2. TNC BookShelf Popup

Organize and showcase your content like never before with TNC BookShelf Popup – The ultimate WordPress plugin to organize
and optimize any content with BookShelf
and Powerful Popup! Free and Pro versions are available.

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Check out the documentation here

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