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Order Reviews for WooCommerce is a fully customized feedback & review plugin that helps manage customer feedback related issues on an e-commerce platform. This plugin captures, manages, and displays customer feedback easily, helping to boost your business and customer satisfaction. With customizable design and wait periods for reviews, it ensures the credibility of your company and helps gain valuable insights to scale up your business. This plugin is an essential tool for e-commerce platform owners. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Order Reviews for WooCommerce is a fully customized feedback & review plugin for WooCommerce to handle customer feedback related issues. In a physical store a customer can check the product physically, but what they do in the e-commerce platform is totally different. Customers check reviews of the particular product before buying.

Moving forward, this feedback plugin lends a hand in the process of capturing feedback about the services or product. It also helps to review it and manages all the reviews in one place. Moreover, the plugin makes the way easier for you to pump up your business as well as customer satisfaction. Needless to say, Order Reviews for WooCommerce bales you out not only in influencing the customer’s decision but also bolstering the credibility of a company to a whole new extent.

Why Should You Use It?

When it comes to asking for a sale, the best product review plugin for WooCommerce can be an extremely valuable tool. You have already known that Order Reviews for WooCommerce is a review plugin for WooCommerce. Literally, the importance of this plugin is countless.

As a business website owner, you may not always agree with the comments that come your way, but it is essential that you pay attention to them. These reviews can often be a goldmine of valuable insights and information that can help scale up your business.

Honestly, there are many different plugins available out there for WordPress that collect customer feedback and reviews. Out of those plugins, Order Reviews for WooCommerce is tremendously lucrative.

You have already got the importance of customer review for a product. Especially, for an e-commerce platform, the review is more important. Only the photography doesn’t show the user’s experience. Sad but true, getting a review from the customer isn’t a piece of cake. That’s why we have designed this product review plugin for WooCommerce using in-depth research on the customer’s intention like which influence a buyer places on their feedback.

This feedback plugin for WordPress, Order Reviews for WooCommerce will help to display the customer’s feedback by the star. This plugin is designed to get a customer’s feedback with extreme ease. If your customer doesn’t give feedback at the first attempt, we keep the option to knock him/her multiple times. Also, you can customize the overall design easily.

Some Salient Features

Let’s see the features of Order Reviews for WooCommerce at glance.

  • Wait period

When you display the pop-up for the review typically depends on the product they buy.
For example, foodies instantly review the foods just after having the items, while the electronics item buyer demands some time for the review. This review plugin for WooCommerce lets you set the time when the pop-up will display to the customer.

  • Again period:

Review is important for an e-commerce business and hopefully, you know it. Many customers are more likely to skip giving reviews at the very first attempt. So, you need to display the pop-up again. This Feedback plugin lets you set the time of displaying the pop-up after the first time skip.

  • Frequency:

Many customers aren’t interested in giving the review at the first attempt. That’s why we use the multiple attempts feature in this product review plugin for woocommerce
. You can set the frequency of displaying the review pop-up to the customer if skipped.

  • Force write feedback:

We intend to help our users to get customer reviews on their products or services. That’s why we use the forceful design in this plugin. You will find the option which forces the customer to give feedback after checking.

  • Force feedback for bad rating:

Identification of the reasons for bad ratings is important to learn for business or product owners. If any customer leaves the rating of three or below, then our plugin forces the customer to give the reason.

  • Force review:

If you want to become more aggressive for the review, this plugin also keeps that option. You can force your customers for the reviews without showing the skip button.

  • Custom colors:

Our plug-in’s built-in color may not seem good to you. Don’t worry, we leave the option to change the color and set your favorite one. Here lies a custom color option you can turn on if you want to choose it.

  • Review info color settings:

In this plugin, we keep the review customization option where we include room for configuring the font size, background, text color, font-weight, etc.

  • Show order time:

When a customer complete orders on your site, they can see the time exactly how many hours back they have completed the orders. However, you can switch on and off the option based on your intention.
Pop up content settings:

The same pop-up doesn’t suit all the products. It will be better to make a difference. Our plug-in has the option to update or control the pop-up text, for example, Text, Feedback, Placeholder, Footer, and so on.

  • Review description interface:

Naturally, customers don’t have enough time to check each product individually for review. The effective way is to display it where the customer can see it at a glance. This plug-in allows you to customize the review description interface.

  • Pop up designs:

Though we intend to get reviews using the pop-up, we try to ensure an eye-catching design in this section. Plus, we don’t leave you by selling this review plugin for WooCommerce, we will bring updates to cope up with every trend.

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