Opt-Out for Google Analytics (DSGVO / GDPR)

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The Opt-Out for Google Analytics (DSGVO / GDPR) WordPress plugin allows site visitors to easily object to the collection by Google Analytics while providing the option to undo the objection. It fully integrates with the new WordPress DSGVO / GDPR features and ensures data protection compliance. The plugin is compatible with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Tag Manager, and various plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields, WPML, Polylang, and Loco Translate. It supports HTML5 Local Storage Fallback to restore opt-out cookies when users delete their cookies. Regular checks are performed to confirm data protection compliance and ensure that important settings are in place. The plugin offers customizable visual customizations through custom CSS codes and supports translations for DE and EN. It is fully compatible with PHP 8.1. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

The Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO, EU-DSGVO, GDPR) stipulates that a site visitor must have the option to object to the collection by Google Analytics.

Until now, this was only possible via browser addon, or complicated JavaScript code embedding on the own website. With this plugin, this is child’s play and the user also has the option to undo the objection.


  • Support for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Full integration of the new WordPress DSGVO / GDPR features
  • Weekly check whether the settings are still data protection compliant!
  • Compatible with Google Tag Manager.
  • NO other plugin needed to use the Google Analytics code on the website. This can be integrated directly by this plugin.
  • Site visitors can deactivate the Google Analytics tracking for themselves and also activate it again afterwards.
  • Link text for the activation and deactivation link can be changed individually.
  • A popup can be set up, which appears after clicking the link.
  • The UA-Code can be entered manually or read out automatically by a Google Analytics tracking plugin (see compatible plugins).
  • HTML5 Local Storage Fallback: If a user deletes his cookies, the opt-out cookie can be restored if the local storage was not additionally deleted by the browser.
  • WordPress Multisite compatible.
  • Fully compatible with Gutenberg Editor.
  • Compatible with: Advanced Custom Fields, WPML, Polylang and Loco Translate
  • Also works on the smartphone, provided that the browser supports cookies.
  • Visual customizations through custom CSS codes that are loaded only together with the shortcode (optimized loading time).
  • Translation for DE and EN available.
  • Full support for PHP 8.1

Regularly check whether the settings are still data protection compliant!

Ever edited the privacy policy page and accidentally deleted the opt-out shortcode? Recently deleted the plugin for Google Analytics tracking, then reinstalled it and forgot to re-enable IP anonymization?

To ensure the highest security, the plugin regularly checks the settings. Should a setting no longer fit, then an error message appears in the WP Admin (Backend / Dashboad) or you will receive an email.
You can freely choose the frequency of the check. The following intervals are available: daily, weekly or monthly.

The following settings are checked:

  • Opt-Out function enabled
  • Opt-Out shortcode present on the page
  • Page with the shortcode publicly available (published and no password protection)
  • Valid UA-Code found (only the formatting is checked)
  • IP anonymization enabled (Works only in conjunction with a compatible plugin or the tracking code is stored in the plugin)

Integrated compatibility with the following plugins

It is not a requirement to use the listed plugins! The Google Analytics Opt-Out Plugin is also compatible with other plugins and can be used even if the Google Analytics code itself was inserted.
With integrated compatibility, we make work easier because the current UA-Code is automatically read out and kept up to date. This means that it does not have to be corrected manually.

AUTOMATICALLY current privacy policy

Keeping track of all the GDPR legislative changes is not easy. Especially not next to the core business. That’s why we offer you a data protection generator with our partner easyRechtssicher.
The privacy policy is created ONCE and automatically kept up to date in WordPress itself. No more filling out forms again and copying and pasting privacy statements onto the page, it’s completely automated.
More info here:

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Coded with love by Schweizer Solutions GmbH

This plugin is not from Google and is not supported by Google in any way. Google Analytics is a trademark of Google LLC.

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