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Create high converting popups and lead generation forms with ease using Nelio Popups - the most intuitive and well-designed popup creator for WordPress. With Nelio Popups, you can turn website visitors into email subscribers, increase sales, and grow your business using smart conditions and behavior triggers. Simplify styling and design, and enjoy a seamless popup creation experience using the WordPress block editor. Choose Nelio Popups for your lead generation needs today. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.


Nelio Popups is the most intuitive and well-designed popup creator for WordPress. Bend it to create any type of popup, modal, or content overlay for your WordPress website.

With Nelio Popups you can turn website visitors into email subscribers, increase sales, and grow your business. Enjoy the popup creation process using the WordPress block editor and all its power.

Reasons for choosing Nelio Popups

Here’s why you should switch to Nelio Popups:

#1. 🚀 It’s awesome

Your popup creation experience is our #1 priority. Nelio Popups’ editor won’t annoy you when designing awesome popups and slide-ins like other WordPress popup plugins do. Nelio Popups uses the WordPress block editor and allows you to include any block within your popups.

#2. 😎 It’s easy

We were tired of the bloated and slow popup builder plugins with complex settings. That’s why we built Nelio Popups to adapt to your marketing workflow and allow you to create custom popups, newsletter opt-in forms, slide-ins, announcement bars, and other high converting lead generation forms within minutes.

By using the standard WordPress drag & drop block editor, you can easily customize the look and feel of your campaigns, and even add third-party block elements like countdown timers, form integrations, or even block patterns, that change based on user behavior (no code necessary).

#3. 🎨 Simplifies styling and design

If you have an eye for detail you’ll love the additional customization options available with Nelio Popups. As well as basic appearance elements like layout, images, typography, and color that you can set with the WordPress block editor we use, Nelio Popups allows for more advanced detailing like popups borders, shadow, sizing, and more. In addition to it, the styles of your popup will match the ones in your WordPress theme without any further effort from you.

#4. 🎯 Targets visitors with smart conditions

As well as intelligent visibility conditions, Nelio Popups also allows you to set up a range of behavior triggers for your popups and slide-ins. Including: click, hover, scroll, exit-intent, and more. Furthermore, Nelio Popups has all the behavior and condition settings you’ll need to target visitors. Set up intelligent conditions such as: specific pages and posts, source of arrival, browser cookie, and a whole lot more.

#5. ℹ️ You are not alone

The desire of each customer and the problems that have arisen are the priority issues that have to be solved by our support team. That is why our team works very hard to help and satisfy the demands and wishes of all its customers. If there is a question that you would like to ask, or there is something unclear, then our support team is ready to answer each question in detail to satisfy any interest.

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