Multibanco, MB WAY, Credit card and Payshop (IfthenPay) for WooCommerce

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Pagamento de Serviços on Multibanco (Portuguese ATM network), or homebanking services, is the most popular way to pay for services and (online) purchases in Portugal. This plugin allows you to generate a payment Reference for WooCommerce orders, with options like MB WAY, Credit card, and Payshop. Requires a contract with IfthenPay and technical support by Webdados. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

“Pagamento de Serviços” (payment of services) on Multibanco (Portuguese ATM network), or homebanking services, is the most popular way to pay for services and (online) purchases in Portugal. Portuguese consumers trust the “Multibanco” system more than any other.
This plugin will allow you to generate a payment Reference the customer can then use to pay for his WooCommerce order, through an ATM or homebanking service.

The MB WAY (using the customer mobile phone number), Credit or debit card and CTT Payshop payment methods are also available.

This is the official IfthenPay plugin, and a contract with this company is required. Technical support is provided by Webdados.


  • Generates a Multibanco Reference for simple payment on the Portuguese ATM network or homebanking service;
  • Multibanco references with expiration date if the “MB Key” configuration method is used;
  • Allows the customer to pay using MB WAY using his mobile phone;
  • Allows the customer to pay using his Credit or debit card (WooCommerce >= 4.0);
  • Generates a Payshop Reference for simple payment on the Payshop agents network, CTT stores or post offices available all over Portugal;
  • Automatically changes the order status to “Processing” (or “Completed” if the order only contains virtual downloadable products) and notifies both the customer and the store owner, if the automatic “Callback” upon payment is activated;
  • Automatic “Callback” can be activated upon request to IfthenPay, via the plugin settings screen for each payment method;
  • Refunds for MB WAY and Credit or debit card – read this carefully;
  • Shop owner can set minimum and maximum order totals for each payment gateway to be available;
  • Ability to reduce stock when the order is created or paid;
  • Allows searching orders (in the admin area) by Multibanco or Payshop reference;
  • WooCommerce 7.1 and above High-Performance Order Storage compatible (in beta);
  • Integration for 3rd party SMS notification plugins (only Multibanco and Payshop):
  • WPML tested and compatible (for multilingual shops);
  • Polylang tested;
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions (experimental) integration (only Multibanco);
  • WooCommerce Deposits by webtomizer (experimental) integration;
  • WooCommerce Blocks checkout block integration (in beta);
  • PHP7 tested and compatible;

PRO add-on

Get the PRO add-on and unlock extra features:

  • Recover unpaid MB WAY orders by converting them to Multibanco and notify the customer via email.
  • Automatic cancellation of orders when Multibanco, Payshop or MB WAY references expire.
  • Remove payment instructions from specific emails, for example “order completed”, to avoid customer confusion when they are no longer necessary.
  • Set a payment entity for Multibanco, MB WAY, Payshop and Credit Card, at the product category level, so that you can receive payment in different accounts based on the order products. Lock the cart so you can only have products from a single account in the same order. (Replaces previously available specific extension).
  • Change the default timeout for calls to IfthenPay webservices if your website is experiencing communication difficulties.
  • Hide notices of new available payment methods.
  • Hide notices of pending callback activation requests.
  • Hide sidebar in payment method settings screen.
  • More features coming soon.
  • By purchasing the PRO add-on you get:
    • Technical support (conditions apply);
    • All the features described above;
    • Contribution to the continued development of the solution;
    • Automatic updates;
    • Good karma;

Attention: The PRO add-on is a product of PT Woo Plugins / Webdados, and IfthenPay has no responsibility for it.

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