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Looking for a simple chatbot builder to build your own AI chatbot with a modern design? melibo provides you with a GDPR compliant chatbot builder and additional features for your customer support. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Looking for a simple chatbot builder to build your own AI chatbot with a modern design? melibo provides you with a GDPR compliant chatbot builder and additional features for your customer support.

melibo is an intuitive AI tool for your customer support. For melibo’s no-code platform you don’t need any prior knowledge or coding skills!. In Addition to our chatbot builder we offer you, an intelligent ticket center, a live chat, a custom insights section and our chatbot styler. Our all-in-one solution will take your support to the next level. Interested? Learn more about our Features.

Try our platform 30 days for free. The trial period is completely free and does not require any payment methods.

Pricing plans. 100 % transparent. Privacy compliant.

Test our platform for free without any obligation. You want to test all features first and see for yourself? Then get our 30-day free trial and try it out today. Learn more about the Free-Trial here.

What do I get exactly when I install melibo?

1. Chatbot builder that allows you to build your chatbot without any coding

  • Build your FAQs in a few minutes and provide permanent relief for your support.
  • Profit from our Chat Flows and lead complex dialogs with your customers.
  • Design the chat window freely according to your wishes and adapt it to your CI.
  • The chat window is 100% responsive and adapts to all popular devices (smartphones, tablets and desktops).
  • The Insights section shows all chats well organized, by using graphs and statistics.

2. Fast and secure chatbot solution that is there for your customers 24/7.

  • Use our templates to get started right away. From product information, ordering & shipping, small talk, payments to company questions, it’s all there.
  • You can find all templates in our library on the platform. Add new chats to your chatbot with two clicks.

3. Quality chatbots. More leads and a better customer experience through quality.

  • The Bot-Gym shows you all conversations of your customers. Get to know the questions of your customers and which questions your chatbot did not understand.
  • Through the Bot-Gym you can teach your chatbot new questions in a playful way and make your chatbot smarter.
  • In the Bot-Gym we also give you recommendations which questions should be added to which existing chat.

4. Human handover if the chatbot can’t answer the question.

  • The chatbot doesn’t understand a question or human help is needed? With melibo a handover to a human employee is quick and simple.
  • Use melibo’s intelligent Ticket Center to communicate with your customer via email.
  • The Chatbot saves the entire chat history, so your customers don’t have to repeat their request multiple times and your support staff can continue with the conversation.
  • For an even faster communication, we offer you a live chat.

The most important features in a nutshell:

Benefits of chatbots for your business

  • Reduce bounce rate on your website, by providing targeted information.
  • Automated responses to simple and repeating customer inquiries. Gain back time for things that really matter.
  • Respond to customer inquiries 24/7 without manual effort.
  • Individual chat window for a better user experience.
  • Improved conversion rates by handing over to a human agent.

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Our customers trust an always evolving solution.

A great addition to our customer support. We often get similar customer inquiries. Since the chatbot is online we have been able to answer many of them in an automated way.


Intuitive chatbot builder. The melibo platform is easy to use and I was able to build my own chatbot in a very short time. A great solution for our support.


Modern design – simple to implement. The design of the chatbot is excellent and was easy to completely adapt to our corporate identity.

Fruitful Office


Our editorial system is currently only available in German. Nevertheless, we offer translation services to make the chatbot available in other languages as well.

We are offering the following language translations:
– German
– English
– French
– Spanish

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Terms of use, privacy policy and information about 3rd party software.

We act strictly according to the GDPR and the European data protection guidelines.
– Our Privacy Policy of the melibo platform.
– Our General Terms of Use and Contract of the melibo platform.

You can find out more information about melibo here

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