Manager for Galène videoconference

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Manager for Galène videoconference is a WordPress plugin that provides a graphical user interface to manage conferencing rooms, dedicated users, and access control for the Galène videoconference server. It is easy to deploy and requires moderate server resources. This plugin is ideal for lectures, conferences, student tutorials, and traditional meetings. The plugin can be accessed through a custom page template or a shortcode. It also offers system settings for server connection and room settings for creating different variations of videoconference rooms. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Manager for Galène videoconference

“Galène (or Galene) is a videoconference server (an “SFU”) that is easy to deploy and that requires moderate server resources. It was originally designed for lectures, conferences and student tutorials, but is also useful for traditional meetings. … Galène is free and open source software, subject to the MIT licence.” (Detailed information on Product Page and Code Repository)

Galène does not provide a graphical user interface to manage (create/change/delete) conferencing rooms (groups), dedicated users or access control by a code number. This wordpress plugin is able to fullfill such tasks.
Prerequisit is a local or remote Galène videoconference server.

Using the plugin

There are two ways to access the management interface of the Plugin:

  1. Page template ‘Galène video conferencing manager’
    The plugin installs a custom page template (‘Galène video conferencing manager’). Create a page and use this template. This page is the manager app that can be used.
  2. Shortcode [galene_main]
    The shortcode [galene_main] can be added to arbitrary pages to show up the manager app.

On first invocation there is an empty list of rooms. You have to login by the “Administration” Button. After installation there is one administrative user registered as:
Login: galene_admin
Password: galene
(Change password immediately after login by the user dialog!)

Alternative login to the administration screens:
The plugin adds the wordpress role ‘GaleneManager‘. If a wordpress user with this role is logged in at wordpress admin (backend), this user is allowed use the management interface of Galène video conferencing manager.

System settings

Tab: General
The url to the galene group without the name of a dedicated group

Tab: Server connection
There are 3 ways to connect to the Galène videoserver for managing rooms (groups):

  1. filesystem access
  2. sftp access
  3. manually exchanging .json files with the Galène server manager.

Case 1. or 2. are set up by this tab. If you set up one of these, the syncronization between the plugin and the Galène server is done automatically when you save room settings.

(The export and import of .json room (group) configuration files can be done by the Server tab of the Room settings.)

Important: If SFTP access is used it is possible to save the credentials in the Database of the Plugin. To ensure that this data is encrypted, it is advised to add an encryption key to wp-config.php with the following setting:
define( ‘GALMGR_CRYPT_KEY’, ‘TapaWrJuFy1KpSxfzKzN1Nx07MgdTGV0BakcNcEg/V4=’ );
You can easily get a random crypt key by opening the settings Form. In the SFTP part you will find a randomly generated key.

Room settings

(groups in Galène terminology)
There are various variations and attributes of videoconference rooms that can be created by the plugin. The most important on the room settings screen are:

  • Name and description
  • which roles need a user authentication
  • optional generating a code for accessing the room
  • selecting users if appropriate
  • selecting wordpress roles if appropriate
  • setting parameters for Galène room (group)


Beneath wordpress users (roles) and anonymous users it is possible (and adviced) to use named users that have to use a username/password combination to authenticate before allowed to access the room. In most cases this should be used for room operators and presenters.

By the users dialog users can be added and updated:

  • display name
  • loginname
  • password
  • if the user is allowed to administrate the Galène manager




This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Version history

0.5 – Initial release.

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