Login With Wallet – Authenticate using your Ethereum wallet

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Log in using your Ethereum wallet. This plugin enables you to register and log in to WordPress only using your Ethereum wallet. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Log in using your Ethereum wallet. This plugin enables you to register and log in to WordPress only using your Ethereum wallet.
A remarkable number of injected wallets are supported, such as MetaMask, Coinbase, NiftyWallet, EQual Wallet, etc., or you can easily connect your wallet by scanning a QRcode using WalletConnect.

What is the Login with Wallet WordPress plugin?

As a website administrator and marketer, you’re always looking for ways to reduce friction in your customer experience. From discovering your brand to receiving an order confirmation email, customers expect a smooth buying experience and exactly zero unnecessary steps.
One common inconvenience on membership sites and ecommerce sites is the need to create user accounts. User accounts engage customers and simplify the buying process…as long as they get past the hurdle of creating an account.
For this reason, Login with Wallet can be an indispensable feature on your site. Login with Wallet allows a user to create and sign in to an account on your website using their cryptocurrency wallets, like MetaMask or WalletConnect. This way, users don’t need to make an entirely new account just for your site.
Login with Wallet updates often to stay current with the APIs it works with. It’s also perfectly compatible with WooCommerce.


  • Login with any Ethereum wallet
  • WordPress login/register page support
  • WooCommerce forms are supported (Login, Register, Lost Password)
  • ENS Names support
  • Shortcode
  • Widget
  • CSS Selectors to activate any element on the page
  • Whitelist addresses
  • Control over Authentication
  • Control over connected wallet status
  • Force users to only use their wallets instead of username and password
  • Modal Layout
  • Hooks to customize modal interface
  • Fully optimized on loading dependencies

Supported wallets

  • Injected Wallets:
    — MetaMask
    — Coinbase
    — NiftyWallet
    — Trust
    — Safe
    — Dapper
    — Cipher
    — imToken
    — Status
    — Tokenry
    — Opera
    — Frame
  • WalletConnect

How does it control the authentication?

Login With Wallet is an alternative to the WordPress login and registration process. It automatically adds the Login with Wallet functionality to the WordPress Login Page. Enabling the WooCommerce Option from the Settings page of the plugin will also enable the WooCommerce Login and Registration Forms.
Manual settings are always possible such as shortcode, widget, and CSS selectors.

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