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LinkPizza-Manager is a WordPress plugin that helps bloggers and publishers monetize their content by automatically redirecting normal links to monetizable links. It includes 2 link widgets, supports link summary feature, and provides 70% commission to users. The plugin is categorized under the 'Utility' category. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

What is LinkPizza?

LinkPizza is a native advertising solution that helps bloggers and publishers monetize their content. It does this by redirecting normal links to monetizable links automatically, without any configuration needed.

The plugin

By signing up for LinkPizza and installing this plugin, your links are automatically monetized when linking to one of our implemented advertisers (30,000+). Our product is mainly aimed at the european market and already includes the major networks. Under your post you can see which links will be monetized and which links we can’t monetize yet, disable the plugin for specific links, disable it for the entire page or maybe even category. We automatically make your links no-follow if we can change it to an affiliate link, so your days of tagging all the links one by one are over.


This plugin ships with 2 link widgets for you to use, an automatic and a manual variant. You can use these link-widgets to create top lists of your advertisers or maybe your favorite shops, it’s all possible. The automated widgets are lists with the best performing advertisers in our network, advertisers that offer a special incentive (click deals, guaranteed eCPC and more) or special deals. By using either of these widgets you qualify for extra benefits in our platform. You can find these in your widgets tab under appearance. Use them using shortcodes or in the visual editor

Link Summary

It’s also possible to enable link summary, a neat feature that will automatically scan your articles and repeat the links used in a tag cloud or list at the bottom of your posts.

Signing up

If you want to give this plugin a try, sign up for an account over at, wait for approval and enter your WordPress-Token to get started.


When you’ve registered your account and installed the plugin, sign in to to check your outgoing clicks and see if you installed the script correctly. The plugin doesn’t include a dashboard in WordPress, but this will be implemented in a later stage.


You keep 70% of all the commissions, we charge 30% of the earned commission from the advertiser, in return we save you trouble of having to sign up for all the different networks and make sure your links keep working even when an advertiser switches networks or stops their affiliate program.

Supported networks

Currently LinkPizza support 12 networks with over 33,000 different advertisers
Some of the networks include: Awin, Daisycon, Rakuten, CJ and various independent merchants such as, eBay and Amazon

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