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Add your products to plugin and give your customers better research what do you offer. You can add colors, dimensions, SKU, series, type, and price to each product. Every single product has its own image, title, and description. You can easily add them in the administration panel. The taxonomies of products are categories and tags. You can enable/disable the display of images, metadata, categories, and tags for the products. In the products archive, items can be displayed in a grid or using a simple method with 100% width for all items. The simple product page can resemble an e-commerce product page or the default plugin product page. You can set our plugin's product as a product in an SEO plugin for better indexing. The plugin can be modified to suit custom needs, but major changes should only be made by the author. Contact us through the weBites website. We are open to your suggestions! *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Add your products to plugin and give your customers better research what do you offer.

You can add to product:

  • colors
  • dimensions
  • SKU
  • series
  • type
  • price

Every single product have own image, title and description. You can add that in administration panel and it is very simple.

Taxonomies of products is: categories and tags.

Your can enable/disable display of that:

  • image
  • metadata
  • categories and tags

of products

In archive of products (products catalog) items can be displays on two ways:

  • grid
  • simple method (all items have 100% width)

Simple product page can look like:

  • e-commerce product page
  • default plugin product page

You can set product from our plugin as product in SEO plugin to better indexing.

Arbitrary section

Plugin can be modified to custom necessity.
But big changes must make only author.
To contact with us enter weBites website.
We open to your evolution!

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