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This plugin migrates products, categories, images and information pages from OpenCart to WooCommerce/WordPress. Major features include migrating products, product images, product categories, product tags, and information pages. The Premium version includes additional features such as migrating attributes, options, users, customers, orders, reviews, tax classes, related products, coupons, and providing SEO capabilities. It also allows users and customers to authenticate using their OpenCart passwords and has the ability to update existing products, perform partial imports, and run imports automatically. The Premium version can be purchased on the developer's website. Add-ons are available for importing manufacturers, translations, custom order numbers, and product options. Translations are available in English and French with the ability to translate into other languages. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

This plugin migrates products, categories, images and information pages from OpenCart to WooCommerce/WordPress.

It has been tested with OpenCart versions 1 to 3 and the latest version of WordPress. It is compatible with multisite installations.

Major features include:

  • migrates OpenCart products
  • migrates OpenCart product images
  • migrates OpenCart product categories
  • migrates OpenCart product tags
  • migrates OpenCart information pages

No need to subscribe to an external web site.

Premium version

The Premium version includes these extra features:

  • migrates OpenCart attributes
  • migrates OpenCart options
  • migrates OpenCart users
  • migrates OpenCart customers
  • migrates OpenCart orders
  • migrates OpenCart reviews
  • migrates OpenCart tax classes
  • migrates OpenCart related products
  • migrates OpenCart coupons
  • SEO: Redirect the OpenCart URLs to the new WordPress URLs
  • SEO: Import meta data (meta title, description, keywords) to WordPress SEO
  • the users and customers can authenticate to WordPress using their OpenCart passwords
  • ability to update existing products
  • ability to do a partial import
  • ability to run the import automatically from the cron (for dropshipping for example)
  • ability to run the import by WP CLI

The Premium version can be purchased on:


The Premium version allows the use of add-ons that enhance functionality:

  • Brands: imports the manufacturers
  • Internationalization: imports the translations to WPML or Polylang
  • Custom order numbers
  • Product Options


  • English (default)
  • French (fr_FR)
  • other can be translated
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