F4 Improvements

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F4 Improvements adds features and enhancements to your WordPress installation, improving performance, security, and usability. It includes improvements for WP Rocket and WooCommerce. Category: Utility *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

There are a few features that really should be in the WordPress core. F4 Improvements adds a few more features and a lot of improvements and enhancements to your WordPress installation. They improve the performance for your WordPress, make it more secure, add a few useful new features, removes unimportant stuff and ensure better usability. It also adds some improvements for the awesome caching plugin WP Rocket and WooCommerce.


WP Rocket

  • Add action to toggle caching on/off to the WP Rocket admin menu
  • Enable same cache for all users
  • Remove WP Rocket footprint comment
  • Leave empty lines in .htaccess
  • Ignore additional query strings
  • WooCommerce: Clear product cache on stock change
  • WooCommerce: Disable cart fragments cache


  • Save Save ship_to_different_address
  • Remove Adjacent Links
  • Hide flatrates if free shipping
  • Hide jumping embed loader in backend
  • Set reply to email

Yoast SEO

  • Choose image size for social og images

Front end

  • Remove RSD Link
  • Remove REST Output
  • Remove oEmbed Discovery
  • Remove wlwmanifest Link
  • Remove Shortlinks
  • Remove Adjacent Links
  • Remove Feed Links
  • Remove Generator Tag
  • Remove Emojis
  • Remove oEmbed Assets
  • Remove Gutenberg Assets
  • Remove Global Styles Assets
  • Hide Author Pages
  • Hide Admin Toolbar

Back end

  • Set default color theme for new users
  • Disable WYSIWYG editor for specific post types
  • Disable WYSIWYG media button for specific post types
  • Disable Gutenberg editor for specific post types
  • Keep taxonomy hierarchy in checklist
  • Remove “Welcome to WP!” box from dashbord
  • Remove “Quick Draft” box from dashboard
  • Remove “News and Events” box from dashboard
  • Remove “At a Glance” box from dashboard
  • Remove “Activity” box from dashboard


  • Change JPEG Quality
  • Enable SVG Support
  • Allow image upscaling (to ensure better image sizes handling)
  • Normalize Upload Filename (lowercase, whitespaces, umlauts etc.)
  • Use title as alt attribute on upload
  • Disable scaling for big image sizes
  • Remove specific default image sizes


  • Disable Core Update Email
  • Skip default plugins and themes on update
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Disable Theme Editor
  • Set phpmailer return path

Features overview

  • Improvements and enhancements for frontend, backend, media and wordpress core
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and optimized
  • 100% free!

Planned features

  • Add more useful WordPress improvements
  • Polylang improvements
  • WooCommerce improvements
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