Events Block For The Events Calendar

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Events Block For The Events Calendar helps you to easily represents The Events Calendar events inside Gutenberg page builder pages. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Events Block For The Events Calendar

Events Block For The Events Calendar helps you to easily represents The Events Calendar events inside Gutenberg page builder pages.

This Addon provides the missing Events Block functionality of The Events Calendar with the Gutenberg Website Builder.

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The Events Calendar plugin has 800,000+ active users. You can extend this famous free plugin features by using this Events Block addon that provides events modern & simple list design.

✨ A Must-Use Addon For The Events Calendar

  1. Create events by using WordPress most powerful calendar plugin🔗 The Events Calendar.
  2. Install this Events Block For The Events Calendar and it will provide the functionality to extend the design of your events via gorgeous events list block.
  3. Use the flexible events list block feature of this events calendar extension to show your upcoming events or past events anywhere inside your Gutenberg-created page or post.

The Event Block of The Events Calendar Addon offers a range of features to enhance the display of events on your website pages created with the Gutenberg website builder. Here is a more detailed description of these features:

Custom Color and Date Formats: The Events Block allows users to select a custom color and date formats for the events list, providing a unique and visually appealing presentation of events.

  • Category Filter Settings: The block supports event category filter settings, allowing users to filter events by categories they choose, making it easier to display only the relevant events.

  • Date Range Settings: The Events Block supports specific date range-based list settings, enabling users to display events within a particular date range, making it easier to manage and showcase events.

  • Custom Event Date Format: The block supports custom events date format settings, allowing users to adjust the format of dates to match their specific needs and preferences.

  • Event Ordering: The Events Block supports order-by event based on time, allowing users to display events in order of the time they are taking place, making it easier to plan and keep track of events.

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