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The All in One EU VAT Manager Plugin. Compliance made easy for online stores with EU VAT regulations. Collect, validate, and preserve charges based on VAT numbers. Customizable frontend interface options. Control placement and requirements of EU VAT field on checkout page. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

The All in One EU VAT Manager Plugin

Because of the constant changes in VAT regulations, it became very time-consuming for online store owners to update their webshops to comply with EU VAT regulations.

With this plugin, we made adherence to EU VAT regulations much easier, with a few clicks, we made all settings you need possible to make your WooCommerce store fully compliant with EU VAT regulations in matter of a few clicks.

This EU/UK VAT Manager for WooCommerce plugin has all the settings you need to collect VAT numbers, validate them and keep or preserve charges based on validation results.

Validation Features

1. Collect VAT numbers without any validations:

Not the default behavior for all stores, but if you need it, the plugin offers this.

2. Validate VAT numbers with EU/UK VAT databases:

The plugin checks instantly on checkout page with the VIES services (as well as those for UK) to verify validity of the entered VAT number, based on results, you can select the needed setting to be applied (preserve/keep VAT).

3. Keep VAT charges in store base country:

When you sell inside your store country, EU VAT regulations require you to keep/charge VAT on these goods.

4. Preserve VAT in selected countries:

If your regulations require you to keep VAT charges when you sell to specific countries (other than your store base country), you can do so by selecting which countries that should have VAT charges applied.

5. Verify billing country:

In most cases, you will need to verify that billing country is the same country registered for the entered EU VAT number.
With a single click, the plugin offers this functionality and act accordingly based on desired setting.

6. Using VAT numbers with/without country codes:

If your customers are used to provide their VAT numbers without preceding country code, you can tolerate this and treat both numbers the same with a seamless experience for your customers.

7. Progress Messages:

For a better UX on your checkout page, we provide different fields to show messages to your customers during the validation stages, you can set your messages based on these cases:
Valid, invalid, validating, company name mismatch, different shipping & billing countries.

Frontend Interface options

1. Field label settings:

Customize field name, like using BTW in Belgium (which is more common than VAT), change the placeholder (text inside the field), and also add a description to the field if needed.

2. Required/Optional Settings:

We offer you almost all settings to match your needs, you can set the field to be required in these cases:

In specific countries
In all countries except specific countries
If customer filled company field
And of course, make it completely optional

3. Field placement:

Easil control the location/placement of the EU VAT field on the checkout page, you can also insert it manually using the field_id when using a custom page builder for your checkout page.

More Features

1. Collect VAT on signup:

You can add the EU VAT field to your WooCommerce signup form, entries will be automatically saved in customer data fields.

2. Belgium Compatibility:

Due to BE different VAT/BTW regulations, the plugin offers multiple extra features to fully comply with that, like allowing customers to select if they are business or individual, then handle VAT accordingly.

3. PDF Invoice & Packing Slips:

Without a doubt, this is one of the most used PDF invoicing plugins, without further customizations, the EU VAT number will be inserted to PDF invoices generated by PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce plugin.

4. Tax Rates:

With a matter of a click, you can insert all official VAT rates for EU countries, the tool is accessible from WordPress Tools >> EU Country VAT Rates

Pro Version

We offered almost all the settings you need to make your store compliant with EU VAT regulations with the free version, but if you’re interested in getting some extra benefits, you can also check the Pro version of this plugin that includes:

1. Verify company name:
The plugin can also verify if entered VAT number is registered for the exact same company name filled in “Company” field in checkout, and it can even show a customized message if entered name is different from the registered one.

2. Verify country by IP:
As per EU VAT regulations, there should be a physical evidence that the customer is shopping from & shipping to the country of registered company for that VAT number.
The plugin will allow you to verify IP using GeoIP lookup databases.

3. Show field in specific countries:
By default, EU VAT field will appear in all EU countries, if you want to specifically hide/show it on some countries, you can select what those countries are using this option.

4. Show field based on user role:
This option will allow you to show the field for selected user roles only, while hiding it for all other user roles. 

Demo Store

If you want to try the plugin features and play around with its settings before installing it on your live website, feel free to do so on this demo store:
User: demo
Password: G6_32e!r@

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