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Debug Log Manager allows you to enable WP_DEBUG, create a custom debug.log file, parse and filter errors, view error details, auto-refresh log entries, clear the debug.log file, and more. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Debug Log Manager allows you to:

  • Enable WP_DEBUG with one click to log PHP, database and JavaScript errors when you need to, and disable it when you’re done. No need to manually edit wp-config.php file.
  • Create the debug.log file for you in a non-default location with a custom file name for enhanced security.
  • Copy the content of the default / existing debug.log file into the custom debug.log file, and delete the default / existing debug.log file. So there is continuation in logging and enhanced security going forward.
  • Parse the debug.log file and view distinct errors and when they last occurred, which is better than looking at the raw log file (potentially) full of repetitive errors.
  • Quickly find and filter more specific errors for your debugging work.
  • Make error details easier to read by identifying error source (core / plugin / theme) and separating file path and line number.
  • Easily view files where PHP errors occurred. This includes WordPress core, plugin and theme files.
  • Enable auto-refresh to automatically load new log entries. No need to manually reload the browser tab, or to tail -f the log file on the command line.
  • Easily clear the debug.log file to save disk space and more easily observe newly occurring errors on your site.
  • Show an indicator on the admin bar when error logging is enabled.
  • Add a dashboard widget showing the latest errors logged.
  • Use error_log() to output error info into your debug log. e.g. error_log( $error_message ) for simple, string-based error message, or error_log( json_encode( $error ) ) when inspecting a more complex error info, e.g. array or object.

A simpler and more compact version of Debug Log Manager is included as part of the System Dashboard plugin, should you prefer a single plugin that does more.

What Users Say

“This is a great plugin for dev especially for people who tinker in the code.” ~PK Son

“I have used a couple of other logger plugins and this is by far the best one.” ~Brian Henry

Another massive time-saving tool. ~Jeff Starr

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