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This lightweight WordPress plugin, Cubecolour Caboodle, enhances your website with various modules, each customizable via the WordPress customizer. It includes features like redirecting unauthenticated visitors, applying colored backgrounds to the login page, restricting login by email address, masking passwords, and more. Choose from categories like Administration, Design and Customisation, E-commerce, Performance, SEO, Social, Utility, and Security. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

This plugin was created for use in cubecolour website projects and includes several modules, each of which can be enabled and configured by going to the WordPress customizer and selecting caboodle.

This plugin is designed to be as lightweight as possible. None of the modules load jQuery on the front end, and when a module is not activated, its code is not loaded.

The configuration can be exported/imported as a JSON file in the caboodle section within the WordPress settings menu.

Private site

Redirect unauthenticated visitors to the login page.

Login background

Apply a simple coloured background pattern to the login page.

No login by email address

Must log in by username, not by email address.

Mask password

Do not momentarily show password characters when entered on iPad, iPhone and android.

Single login error message

If login fails, a single error message is returned rather than different messages for wrong username or wrong password.

Login warning message

Adds a message to the login form.

Password visualization

Visually check you have input the correct password before pressing the submit button by checking a pattern of coloured bars based on a hash of your input.

Open site in new tab

The view site link in the admin toolbar opens the page in a new tab.

No avatars

Remove all support for gravatars or user avatars

Show IDs

Show the ID for posts, pages, custom post types, taxonomies, media and user IDs in the admin pages

Show current WP version

Show the current WP version in the admin footer when an upgrade is available.

No howdy

Replace the howdy greeting with salutations appropriate to the time of day.


Limit the number of saved revisions.

Developer link

Developer link in admin footer and [developer] shortcode for front end.

Force vertical scrollbar

Prevent layout shift between long and short pages.

Scroll to anchor

Smoothly animate when clicking a link targeting an anchored position.

Text selection

Color and background color of selected text .

Page slug body class

Add a page slug class to the body tag.

Dash spacing

Replace spaces around en-dashes & em-dashes with hairspaces.

Prevent runts

Prevents single words appearing on their own on the last line of a paragraph or other block element within the content.


Keep,remove or rename the posts post type.


Add support for manual excerpts to pages.

Indicate external links

Add an arrow icon to identify external links within the site content.

Show file size in media library

Adds a file size column in the media library.

Additional image sizes

Several image sizes that can be generated for images added to the media library.

List image sizes

Show all available image sizes in the media uploader.

No lazy loading

No WordPress lazy loading.

Scroll to top

Add a dynamic scroll to top button in the website footer.


Fix the footer element to the bottom of the viewport on short pages.

Footer years range

Copyright years shortcode [years] to use in footer.

Anti spambot

Shortcode to add mailto link to email addresses in content, whilst protecting from spambots: [email][email protected][/email].

Anti clickjack

Prevent the site from loading inside an external frame or iframe.

No author archives

Requests for author archive pages will redirect to the homepage.

No generator

Remove the WordPress generator meta tag.


Remove the Really Simple Discovery endpoint.

No shortlinks

Remove the short link header tags.

No pingbacks

Prevent self pingbacks

Search placeholder text

Use translatable default text in header cover search (for Astra theme only).

Responsive breakpoints

Set custom responsive breakpoints (for Astra theme only).

Polylang SVG flags

Only available when the Polylang plugin is active on the site. Use scalable vector graphics for flags in the language switcher.

Gravity forms

Only available when the Gravity forms plugin is active on the site. Add basic styles to forms created with Gravity Forms.

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