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Auto Limit Posts is a free WordPress plugin that automatically cuts down your posts in Index/Home, Categories, Archive, and Search sections. It allows you to format the reference text and customize the appearance. The plugin is easy to configure and does not include the rel=nofollow tag. It cuts posts based on a specific number of letters or at the end of a word or paragraph. HTML tags and shortcodes can be stripped automatically and a sharing option is available. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Auto Limit Posts is an absolutely free and very convenient plugin that lets you automatically cut down your posts (create excerpts) in Index / Home, Categories, Archive, and Search sections, without you having to provide a “more” tag each time you compose a post.

The plugin allows you to format your references to the full text of your post. You can decide the specific reference text (“Read More,” “Read Full Text,” etc), use CSS directions from inside the admin section of your blog and / or in your main style sheet, in order to decorate or not this reference with a border, particular colors or letter spacing, etc.

The default options proved satisfactory enough, so that most probably you will just activate the plugin and go without making any changes in the settings at all. However, the plugin is extremely easy to configure / fine tune according to your needs.

Auto Limit Posts will not include the rel=nofollow tag in reference links to the full text of your posts. NoFollow may have a negative impact for the popularity of a page, and I don’t see why a blog should give a NoFollow direction concerning its main addresses.

Auto Limit Posts cuts a post after an exact number of letters, or at the end of a word that is close to that number of letters, or at the end of the first paragraph.

HTML tags you may have in your post (image tags, link tags, etc) can be stripped automatically to prevent the braking of your page. Shortcodes too can be automatically removed. A sharing option is also available.

You can see live how the plugin works (in this case the “limit by word” option is used) at the web site of Live Desktop Gadgets where Auto Limit Posts is used to feature excerpts leading to screenshots and downloads in the full text of each post.


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