Animated Rotating Words (Interchanging Random Words in a Sentence)

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CSS3 Rotating Words is a WordPress plugin that allows users to add multiple words in a sentence that change randomly with CSS3 animation effects. It also includes typing effects and a variety of attractive animation styles. This plugin is useful for showcasing multiple features in just one sentence. It has an easy user interface and supports multiple shortcodes, AJAX, custom animation speed, CSS3 animations, custom font size and color, and easy admin options. It is quick and offers a live demo for previewing effects. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

CSS3 Rotating Words will allow user to add multiple words in a sentence that will change randomly with CSS3 animation effects.
You can add multiple words in a sentence and make theme to change after several interval of time and change will take place with the CSS3 animation effect. It also contains typing effects which are best among all. You can set animation speed and add unlimited words that would replace eachother after interval of time with attractive animation effects.
Words change with animations with interval of time.This plugin could be useful to show multiple features in just one sentence.
This also include typing effect which used typed js library to create beautiful typing effect.Plugin has very easy user interface for end user. You just need to add sentence and list of words that you want to animate and create shortcode and use it anywhere you want. You can also use it to widget area.

See Live DEMO

Effects Included

  • Typing Effect
  • Type Writer Effect
  • Fade Effect
  • Clip Effect
  • Flip Cube Effect
  • Zoom Effect
  • Rotate Effect
  • Loading Bar Effect
  • Push Effect
  • Slide Effect


  • Multiple Shortcodes
  • AJAX Based
  • Custom Animation Speed
  • CSS3 Animations
  • 5 animation Styles
  • Custom Font Size
  • Font Color
  • Multiple Words
  • Easy Admin Options
  • Animated
  • Quick
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