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Affiliate Super Assistent (ASA1) lets you easily integrate Amazon products into your WordPress pages. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Affiliate Super Assistent (ASA1) lets you easily integrate Amazon products into your WordPress pages.
By using the template feature, you can present the products in different styles on different pages. All by using simple [asa] shortcodes.

Usage guide

For the complete range of functions, get ASA2.

Find the latest news on the blog and check out the Step-by-step guide.


  • Make money with WordPress and Amazon’s affiliate program
  • Supports Amazon PA API 5.0
  • Utilizes the Amazon Product Advertising API to receive product data
  • Ease of use with asa-Shortcode tags
  • Lets you design your own product templates
  • Supports all Amazon stores activated for the API / webservice: Australia (AU), Brazil (BR), Canada (CA), China (CN), Germany (DE), Spain (ES), France (FR), India (IN), Italy (IT), Japan (JP), Mexico (MX), United Kingdom (UK), USA (US)
  • Use your Amazon Associate ID for making money
  • Features collections. You can define and mangage sets of products as a collection an show them on a page with only one BBCode tag or just the latest added product in your sidebar
  • Backend translation: supported so far are English, German, Spanish and Serbian. Contact me to help translate.
  • Supports product preview layers (for US, UK and DE so far)
  • New with version 0.9.5: Caching Speeds up your blog when adding many products to your posts!
  • New with version 0.9.6: Parsing [asa] tags in user comments
  • Since version 0.9.6 compatible with Amazons Product Advertising API changes by August 15, 2009 which require all requests to be authenticated using request signatures
  • Version 0.9.7 supports customer reviews again!
  • Version 0.9.11 brings AJAX mode (optional) for faster page load
  • Error handling options
  • Test section
  • Support WP capabilities to manage the permissions to subpages
  • Version 1.3 intoduces ASIN prefetching which significantly increases the speed of the side-loading process.

Features of the Pro Version:

ASA2 Pro is backwards compatible and comes with a Migration Wizard.


Thanks for translations

Serbian: Ogi Djuraskovic (
Spanish: Andrew Kurtis (
Russian: Ivanka
French: Marie-Aude (

Help me translate ASA in your language. Get in contact


Go to the new option page Affiliate Super Assistent (ASA1). On the Setup panel you can set your Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

Here you can find a detailed documentation:


If you find any bugs please send me a mail (, remove the NOSPAM_) or use the comments on the plugin’s homepage. Please also contact me for feature requests and ideas how to improve this plugin. Any other reactions are welcome too of course.

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