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Get a menu of all your website's pages and posts in your Admin Bar! Jump to any page from any location without having to jump back and forth between the dashboard. Have easy access to edit links and every page without having to search for it. Save HOURS of time clicking and waiting unnecessarily! Now with Admin Page Spider you can crawl all over your pages directly from your Admin bar! See a convenient list of all your pages on your website and an instant link to edit them directly! This works no matter where you are in your dashboard or on your website too! You can instantly start editing or viewing any page without clicking and waiting multiple times. See the screenshots tab for more details. You can save around 20-30% of your editing time! - Tested on a membership site with multiple, hidden pages, beaver builder and CSS hero - *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Editing pages in WordPress is too slow. You spend hours going back and forth to the backend dashboard, finding pages to edit, going into your page editor of choice be it Gutenberg, Elementor or whatever else, saving and then repeating the entire process in backwards just to view the page!

No more!

Admin Page Spider makes working in WordPress infinitely more sensible.

You get a menu of all your pages & posts right in your WordPress Admin Bar. Now you can jump to any of your content to start working on it, without having to bounce around wasting time for pages to load.

Ultra-lightweight, this plugin increases your development speed without any impact to customers, saving hours of time clicking & waiting unnecssarily.

See the screenshots tab for more details.

Actual tests show almost a 40% time saving in the time it takes to work and build your website – especially if you’re using a builder, or css tool or have multiple pages, products like an ecommerce store, or simply a lot of pages or blog articles.

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