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Addonify Wishlist is a light-weight yet powerful tool that adds wishlist functionality to your e-commerce shop. Addonify Wishlist is packed with various functionalities that will help the shop owner to customize the wishlist behaviour. *This overview was generated by AI. We can't guarantee it's accuracy and may not be an accurate representation of what the plugin actually does.

Addonify Wishlist is a light-weight yet powerful tool that adds wishlist functionality to your e-commerce shop. Addonify Wishlist is packed with various functionalities that will help the shop owner to customize the wishlist behaviour.

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The primary goal of the Addonify Wishlist plugin is to allow website visitors to add products to their shopping wishlist so they can focus on buying the product rather than wasting their time finding it whenever they visit the store. Whereas, the secondary goal of the Addonify team is to keep the plugin light-weight so that the website shouldn’t compromise its performance.

Researches have shown that an online e-commerce store having products wishlist functionality is likely to sell more than the store that doesn’t have wishlist functionality.

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  • Saves customers time (Assume that you are having 1500+ products in your e-commerce store).
  • Helps to boost revenue.
  • Increases checkout conversions.
  • Improves customers shopping experience.


  • Light-weight & powerful.
  • Adds “Add to Wishlist” button to WooCommerce product catalog and product single.
  • Choose the position of “Add to Wishlist” button in WooCommerce product catalog.
  • Set custom “Add to Wishlist” button label.
  • Show/Hide icon on wishlist button.
  • Allow only logged-in users to add product in wishist.
  • Display modal popup to let your customers know the product is either added to, removed from, or already in the wishlist.
  • Sticky off-canvas sidebar drawer to show the wishlist.
  • Display wishlist items in sidebar drawer for quick navigation.
  • Custom label & icon for sidebar drawer trigger button.
  • Save for later button on WooCommerce cart table.
  • Shortcode that can use used anywhere to display the wishlist.
  • Require login before a user can add products to wishlist.
  • Remove item from wishlist immediately after it has been added to cart.
  • Redirect to checkout page immediately if an item is added to cart.
  • Add to wishlist and remove from wishlist functionality with/without ajax call.
  • Add to cart functionality with/without ajax call.
  • Color option for “Add to Wishlist” button.
  • Shortcode that can be used to display the wishlist in any page.
  • Option to reset all settings.
  • Option to export all options.
  • Option to import all options.
  • Support for custom CSS.
  • Well documented.
  • Users & developers friendly.


  • Color options for “Add to Wishlist” button.
  • Color options for popup modal notification.
  • Color options for off-canvas sidebar wishlist drawer.
  • Option to choose wishlist buttons icons.
  • Custom CSS.


  • Generate wishlist page: This tool will generate a wishlist page with a shortcode that can be used to display the wishlist table in any page.
  • Reset all settings: This tool will reset all the plugin settings to default.
  • Export all settings: This tool will export all the plugin settings in a JSON file.
  • Import all settings: This tool will import all the plugin settings from a JSON file.
  • Remove data on plugin uninstallation: This tool will remove all the plugin data from the database on plugin uninstallation.


Addonify Wishlist does not collect any personal or sensative data from website visitors which makes our plugin GDPR compliant.


Addonify Wishlist is developer friendly. We know that we have wonderful developers all around us and wish to customize our plugin’s functionality when using it in their projects. Keeping that in mind, we have build Addonify Wishlist to be developer friendly and customizable. If you are a developer willing to integrate Addonify Wishlist in your project do check out our developer documentation guide here.


We are open to any kind of discussions on that can help improve our plugin. So, we would like to welcome you to be part of the discussions. Feel free to share your ideas, ask questions related to plugin, report bugs, ask for features, and participate in poll.

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If you wish Addonify Wishist to be translated in your language, feel free to contribute translating at directly.

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